I’ve been “Quoted”! Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 

Last week  I was contacted by a local newspaper writer.  He asked me if he could quote me on some of the things I had written on my blog.  They were going to run an article about the local housing market.  I thought for a minute…hmmm…Well YEA

Seems that this individual follows my blog through my Facebook Fan page Jambalaya Wire.

Today, while sitting in front of my computer I see Weekly Citizen stream through on Facebook.  I look a little closer and the link was about Ascension Parish Housing.  I click the link and find the article where I have been quoted!

Now, to me this is a big deal.  I have never been quoted before by any news agency.  The only quoting I get is usually from my children and they are usually quoting something that really should not have ever left the house 🙂

I have to say, in my humble opinion, the article is very well written and I am very pleased.  So tonight, I am basking in my 15 minutes of fame if you will.  Would you like to see what the excitement is all about?


ps. I did go to the nearest store a buy a few copies!  One for my broker and one to autograph for my husband 🙂


August 2009 Market Stats Wednesday, Sep 9 2009 

Housing Graph

Ascension Parish Market Stats for August 2009

Monthly sales were 107  units. Comparison to last month:  Increase 2%  from 105 units.  Comparison to this month last year: Decrease 2% from 109 Units.

Average Sold price was $222,227.  Comparison to last month:  Increased  2% from $217,878.  Comparison to this month last year: Increased 4% from $213,356.

Current inventory is 5.64 months.  Comparison to last month:  Decreased from 5.68 months.  Comparison to this month last year: Decreased from 7.73 months. 

 Average Days on market were 93.  Comparison to last month:  Decreased from 109 days.  Comparison to this month last year: Increased from 79 days.

So what do all these numbers mean?  Sales held their own in number of units while Average Sales prices increased.   To borrow the line from Martha Stewart…That’s a good thing! Average days on the market are down..again…That’s a good thing!

I think we will see a spike in the next few months.  I know that personally I am busy with the first time homebuyers trying to get under contract in order to close before November 30.

Homes priced in the first time homebuyer price ranges will go quickly, especially if they are in great shape.  That price range for my buyers has been under $200,000.

These stats are for areas 90,91 & 92 in Ascension Parish. Information used from Greater Baton Rouge MLS.  They include only single family dwellings.  Mobile home and land sales are not part of these numbers.  If you would like information on either of these, feel free to let me know.

A Spoon Full Of Sugar Helps The Vinegar Go Down Tuesday, Sep 8 2009 


Mary Poppins, please forgive me!

Last week was a test of strength for me.  On Monday morning my oldest daughter, Girly17,  was diagnosed with the FLU!  The Dr. walks in and says “Congratulations!  You have what I belive to be the Swine Flu!”  “Oh Goodie”  is all I could think.  Tuesday afternoon I get a call from my youngest daughter’s, Girly9, school to come pick her up.  She wasn’t running fever but they had found out that her sister was sick and asked me to keep her home as well.  By Thursday, Girly17 was back at school but guess who was running fever now.  Lovely.  After a day of 104 fevers with no end in sight, and a nasty looking throat, we went to the Dr. with her on Friday.  Being cautions, he checked her for every ailment under the sun.  It’s viral…let it run its course. I am getting to the point of this post…I promise!  On the way home I was thinking about the Dr. telling us to have her gargle with salt water. 


When I first got married, my father in law told us about an old home remedy for coughs and sore throats.  We came home and went straight to the pantry.  A spoon full of sugar with just enough vinegar to wet it.  Girly9 had done this before so she didn’t object.  Put the sugar in your mouth and let it slide slowly down your throat.  Vinegar is a natural disinfectant.  The sugar makes the vinegar thick enough to coat your throat on the way down.  By Friday evening her throat looked 50% better.  We did the treatment again that night and Saturday morning the fever was gone and her throat looked and felt great!  Now I am not saying that this was the cure-all but it sure did help.  I am hoping that next time I remember this before running to the Dr.’s office! 

I have also tried drinking pickle juice.  It works well but Girly9 detests pickles!

With sore throat/flu season upon us, try this and let me know how it works for you 🙂

2009 St. Amant Gator Football Schedule Saturday, Sep 5 2009 

Got Football

2009 St. Amant Gator Football Schedule

  • September 4 vs. Covington @ The Pit  Gatorettes Pre Game

WIN 56-33

  • September 11 vs. Hammond (away)

WIN 35-20

  • September 18 vs. Plaquemine @ The Pit  Cheerleaders Pre Game

WIN 41-6

  • September 24 vs. Bonnabel (away)

WIN 53-20

  • October 2 vs. Sarah Reed @ The Pit   Homecoming
  • October 9 vs. East St. John (away)
  • October 16 vs. Dutchtown @ The Pit  ROTC Pre Game
  • October 23 vs. East Ascension (away)
  • October 30 vs. Hahnville @ The Pit  Hero Night
  • November 6 vs. Destrehan @ The Pit  Senior Night

All games start at 7:00.