2010 Gonzales Jambalaya Festival Thursday, May 27 2010 

It’s that time of year again folks!  Time for the Jambalaya Festival here in beautiful Gonzales, Louisiana!

For 43 years, we have celebrated the wonderful food that put us on the map, Jambalaya!  What is Jambalaya you ask?  OK, I know I have readers not from here so here ya go.  Jambalaya is a wonderful blend of pork, chicken, sausage and/or andoullie cooked down to tender perfection, married with the flavors of onion, bell pepper, garlic and other seasonings then cooked all together with rice.  Melt in your mouth goodness!  Jambalaya is probably one of my most favorite foods. 

Picture courtesy of Lisa Heindel at www.WestBankLiving.com

This Memorial Day weekend, the Jambalaya Festival runs again in Gonzales, Louisiana.  The Festival starts on Thursday May 27, 2010 and will run through Sunday May 30, 2010.  As always, there will be a Jambalaya cooking contest.  They even have a “mini-pot” contest for the younger Jambalaya cooks.  There will be amusement park rides with discounted bracelet prices for day or weekend access.  I can’t wait to see the World Record Jambalaya Pot Cooking 700 lbs of rice!  That’s Crazy! 

There will also be a great line up of bands over the four days.  Chee-Weez, Bits and Pieces, Bag of Donuts, and Na Na Sha, just to name a few.  The band I am most excited about is Chris LeBlanc and Luther Kent. I went to school with Chris and know that a lot of school mates follow to see him play.  I am hoping to hear him play and catch up with some school mates from the past.  Notice I didn’t say old school mates 🙂

If you have some time this weekend, come out to our beautiful city and partake in the festivities!

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Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, File Gumbo Saturday, May 9 2009 

Since I have named my blog after one of the things that makes this Parish famous, it just wouldn’t be right not to tell you about the Jambalaya Festival!  The Jambalaya Festival is held in Gonzales every year during the Memorial Day weekend.  If you are looking for something fun to do, this is the place to be.  There are carnival rides for all, games, fabulous entertainment, beauty pageants and most of all….the big Jambalaya cook off.  I love to attend and  eat my weight in jambalaya!  No one in the world cooks jambalaya like the great residents of Ascension Parish. 

What is Jambalaya you ask?  Jambalaya is a cajun/creole dish that is mostly cooked outside in a big black pot.  It is a mixture of wonderful seasonings, chicken, sausage and rice.  Delicious!  There is a new twist to Jambalaya that I have personally fallen in love with. Pastalaya.  Same concept, just replace the rice with pasta.  We use linguine. 

Let me know when you will be at the Jambalaya Festival.  I would love to see you there!